Board of Directors

Tamela A. Reed, CEO & FOUNDER

A wife, mother and entrepreneur at heart, Tamela A. Reed took a leap of faith and followed her heart, passion, and vision from God to start Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. Inc. (RCC) after recovering from her own battle with cancer. In her moments of hopelessness and overwhelmingly confusion, little did she know God was leading her into her purpose in life; to help others find their own comfort and hope through a ministry and organization that exists to fill in the gaps of cancer care, providing support in all of the areas that insurance does not cover. She founded Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. Inc.

Tamela began her education at San Francisco State University in which she studied pre-law and African American studies for two years. She then continued her studies at the University of Pittsburgh where she received a B.A. in Legal Studies, and after college graduation, took some time off to travel Europe and see the world. Soon after her get-away, Tamela returned to her education and went on to obtain her post-baccalaureate in general practice law as a paralegal at the University of San Diego. As a result, she opened up her own paralegal business where she focused on helping battered women obtain restraining orders and learn how to stand up for their rights.

Tamela continued on in her career to direct system-wide operations for such companies as Metro One Telecommunications, Chase Manhattan Bank and more. She also continued pursuing her education as well, earning a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Organizational Management. During this time Tamela wrote her two Master Thesis’s to describe how she would go on to open her own catering business (a long-time passion and enjoyment). From 1998- 2006, Tamela became founder and owner of La Soul Food Catering.

In 2005, Tamela’s exciting 24/7 career path and on-the-go mom routine came to a halt, when she woke up one morning with a lump on her chest, and discovered she had cancer. A natural fighter at heart, Tamela did not give up hope. Through her journey to recovery Tamela relied heavily on the hope, faith and love from God. He was her strength. He was her hope. While Tamela found much strength in God, she was still overwhelmed and confused by all of the many needs that come along with cancer. She was constantly struggling to figure out how to fill in all the gaps that her insurance did not cover (babysitting, nutritious meals, laundry, emotional support and more). Tamela realized she wasn’t the only one in need of an organization that provided complete cancer patient support. She wanted to take her experience and skills to draw attention to the effects that a cancer diagnosis can have on an individual and their family members.

In 2008, soon after her recovery, Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. Inc. was born. Tamela first founded RCC as a ministry of the Rock church in San Diego, and as it vastly grew in spirit and love, it also grew to become one of the first cancer care organizations in San Diego to offer resources, support and help for free. Today, Tamela works hard to lead and operate the business. She was named Rock “Hero” for her dedication to the ministry and organization and just finished writing her first book entitled “Recipes for Healing,” In January of 2011, RCC opened its official office doors and recently over 3000 volunteers voted RCC along with 5 other ministries to receive the people’s choice ministry award. RCC employs four full-time employees and has hundreds of volunteers.

Tamela has been beyond blessed through her own experience and challenge, to be able to see her dreams come true with RCC, through the perseverance of hard work, dedication, and passion and direction from the Lord.

Major W Reed
Co-Founder & CIO

Major W. Reed is the Co-founder of Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. (RCC) and the husband of CEO, Tamela A. Reed. Major is a loyal husband and father, who faced unimaginable worries and challenges that accompanied his wife’s diagnosis. A devout Christian, he put all his faith in the promises of God and rejoiced in the good news of Tamela’s recovery from Multiple Myeloma Leukemia. Major is a key asset to the formation and the continued success of the ministry and now non-profit, he holds the position as Chief Information Officer for RCC. In addition, he is currently a Managed Operations Manager for a local IT Managed Service Provider.

Major is a strong believer in providing leadership through solutions and service. He enjoys taking a “fresh set of eyes” approach to every challenge and asking questions that challenge the Status Quo. An Artist at heart, which informs his superpower to look at business needs from a unique perspective. Originally from the Pittsburgh area, Major brings an 80’s blue-collar work ethic to everything he works on. His career has spanned from local Value-Added Resellers, to Medical Device Startups, to Big Pharma.

Patti Cuthill
Business Development & Recruitment

Patti Cuthill reached out to the Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. ministry because she was inspired by Tamela A. Reed’s testimony (founder of Rock Cancer CARE). She lost a grandmother and uncle to cancer and her father is a cancer survivor. Her passion to help other families battling cancer was heightened in 2008 when her best friend was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer while pregnant. As she took the journey with her best friend and witnessed firsthand the struggles and the strength it took to battle cancer it was crystal clear that she wanted to put her passion to work with an organization that truly helps families with the day to day struggles.

With over 15 years of experience in the profit and non-profit sector, Patti has held leadership positions with Human Service and Health Care organizations. She has progressive finance & human resource experience in both the communication and software industry. Patti is a former Director of Finance & Human Resources for CPU Medical Management Systems, Inc. (CPU). Prior to CPU, Ms. Cuthill was the Corporate Accounting Manager at a national communications company. Her background includes strategic planning, financial management, staffing, training, benefits compensation, and employee relations. She holds a B.A in Finance and a certificate in Human Resource Management from San Diego State University. Patti has had over 20 years of community involvement in San Diego. She served on the Neighborhood House Association’s Board of Directors for six years. During this time she served as the Chairperson of the Program Committee and was a member of the Children, Youth & Family Services and Finance, Building & Grounds Committees of the Board of Directors. She served as the Chairperson of the Neighborhood House Association San Diego County Head Start Policy Council. Patti also served on the San Diego Food Bank Board of Directors.

Linda Fryzel

It seems as though Linda was born to serve others, born in Chicago and raised in San Diego, California, Linda found herself attending BIOLA University where she earned an undergraduate degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Bible.  Aside from serving the BIOLA community, Linda quickly found herself spending countless hours in Tijuana serving Mexico’s children and their families by way of YUGO Ministries.  Linda’s experience in Mexico went on to develop a deep curiosity about the country, the culture, and the language.  In order to more fully experience Mexico, Linda went on to study for a year in Mexico at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, ITESM.  Upon returning to the United States Linda developed a financial skill set by working for UBS Financial Services and successfully obtaining a Series 7, 63, and 65 licenses.  After several years in the financial world, Linda moved on to law school at Oklahoma City University earning her Juris Doctorate in 2007.  Linda presently works as a paralegal at Speckman Law Firm.  Linda is proud to be involved with Rock Cancer C.A.R.E, and enjoys drawing from her previous experiences in furtherance of Rock Cancer C.A.R.E’s mission.