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A Birthday Party to Remember

Twelve-year-old Eva didn’t want pizza and cake for her birthday. Her chemotherapy treatments had ruined her taste for those regular choices. Instead, she wanted In-N-Out Double Doubles, with fries and a root beer. The ice cream had to be Baskin Robbins rainbow sherbet with peanut butter sauce and gummy bears. But the girl who had […]

What We Do

Steve* Rock Cancer C.A.R.E literally saved the life of a client named Steve. We had gone to pick him up for his cancer treatment appointment, and instead found him passed out. Steve had overdosed on medications, and needed immediate 9-1-1 assistance. We waited with him and prayed until the ambulance arrived to rush him to […]

“San Diego Ministry Fills in Gaps Left in Cancer Care”

“Anyone who has heard the dreaded word “malignant” understands the battle that inevitably follows.  When Tamela Reed was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, she and her family steeled themselves to battle the multiple myeloma, a deadly form of leukemia. Reed, then 35, armed herself with faith and the Bible as her ammunition, but she was […]

An Acrostic Poem for Janet

Joyous smile that captures the heart Admirable courage to battle this beast Nourished by loving support and prayers Every moment cherished Tenacious spirit that shall conquer! — ***Message from Janet*** Hey everyone! I’m working on setting up more drives today in my home office! If you guys have any suggestions on locations, please let me […]

What We Do

Ed and Mary* Ed and Mary are friendly, fun-loving grandparents, both suffering from cancer. Ed has stage IV colon cancer, and Mary has tumors. Their health conditions have interfered with their ability to work and take care of maintenance for their home. Rock Cancer C.A.R.E. has provided companionship, groceries, funding to pay bills, prayers, and […]